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What We Do

About Just Us Together in Northeast Ohio

Just Us Together is a non-profit organization that provides affordable legal and alternative dispute resolution services to youth and families in Northeast Ohio, plus practical education and training opportunities.

Our Mission: 

Our mission is to work collaboratively with community partners to educate and empower people to become involved in efforts that help prevent youth involvement in the juvenile justice system, to improve and support what already exists for youth in our communities, and to advance initiatives that get youth back out of the juvenile justice system and engaged positively in the community. We aim to do this by being a resource to other organizations and individuals who advocate for youth, providing educational opportunities, and by providing direct legal and alternative dispute resolution services to those in need.

Our Services:

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  We offer convenient and affordable ADR services that benefit youth, families, and communities such as restorative justicecustody mediationparent-teen mediation, and community mediation.

Legal.  We provide holistic and affordable legal services related to youth and families.  Our staff cares about children and whatever challenges they may be facing.  We handle  delinquency, civil rights, education matters (suspensions, expulsions, student disability and special education (IEP), IDEA), guardianships, record sealing and expungement, and other matters involving youth on a sliding-fee scale.

Education (Coming this Fall!). We provide education and practical training on various topics that relate to and impact youth and juvenile justice including juvenile and education law, restorative justice, diversity training, civic engagement, mediation and other ADR skills, guardian ad litem/CASA training, and research skills training.  Check out our calendar for upcoming trainings.

Please take a look around the website.  Check out the resources page and our blog.  We aim to provide you with helpful resources related to juvenile justice.  If you have any questions, or suggestion for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-625-1664.