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Mediation Services and Training offered by Just Us Together

We offer Trainings and Workshops in various locations throughout Northeast Ohio, which provide people with the tools to reduce conflict in their lives – or help employees resolve conflicts.

Have you reached a standstill in a disagreement with a neighbor, a communication breakdown with a teen or other family member, or see an employee conflict escalating? Or perhaps you would like to avoid a small claim. In these cases and more, Mediation with JUT can help rebuild a productive relationship and settle unfinished business.

If your organization or business in Northeast Ohio is facing a group decision or big project, JUT’s  Group Facilitation service can help you work more effectively together.

If you’re not sure how to resolve the conflict you are facing, try our Consultation service to explore your options.

Also, find out about JUT’s exciting Restorative Justice programs, which are helping strengthen neighborhoods in Northeast Ohio by making crime a community concern. We’re helping offenders and their victims talk with each other about repairing the effect of crimes.