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Juvenile Justice Resources

National Resources

  • Center for Juvenile Justice – The Center for Juvenile Justice Reform at Georgetown University supports and educates leaders across systems of care to advance a balanced, multi-system approach to improving outcomes for, and promoting the positive development of, youth at risk of juvenile justice involvement.
  • Children’s Defense Fund (See Ohio branch below) – – CDF is a national organization with the capacity to work for children at federal, state and community levels across the country.
  • Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) – – OJJDP is the federal agency dedicated to juvenile justice issues.  OJJDP is located within the United States Department of Justice and has many resources on juvenile justice issues.  In addition, OJJDP oversees the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA), which is the main federal juvenile justice legislation.
  • National Juvenile Defender Center (NJDC) – – NJDC provides national leadership on juvenile indigent defense and due process deprivations that young people face in the delinquency system by providing training, technical assistance, policy development, community-building, leadership opportunities, legislative advocacy, litigation support, and research.
  • The W. Haywood Burns Institute for Juvenile Justice Fairness & Equity – The Burns Institute works to eliminate racial and ethnic disparity by building a community-centered response to youthful misbehavior that is equitable and restorative.


Ohio Resources

  • Advocating Opportunity (AO) – – AO provides comprehensive legal services for trafficked and exploited persons – men and women, minors and adults, and U.S. Citizens and foreign-born persons. They also provide support for families to ensure that trafficked and exploited persons have a stable home environment.
  • Children’s Defense Fund of Ohio (CDF) – – CDF of Ohio champions policies and programs that lift children out of poverty, protect them from abuse and neglect and ensure their access to appropriate and targeted health care, quality education and a moral and spiritual foundation. To support children and families in Ohio, CDF-Ohio works to improve healthcare access and health outcomes for children and their families, stop the push out of students from our schools due to zero tolerance school discipline practices, create a juvenile justice system that rehabilitates our youth and reduces recidivism, build a high quality and stable early childhood care and education system, and harness the statewide and national CDF youth and community networks to change the lives of Ohio’s children.
  • Children’s Law Center (CLC)  – – provides individual legal advocacy to children and youth, and through public policy work, training and education, impact litigation, and juvenile defender support services, seeks to improve the systems that serve them. CLC offers services in both Kentucky and Ohio, and collaborates with other organizations within the region and nationally on a variety of topics.
  • Juvenile Justice Coalition (JJC) – JJC is a youth advocacy organization committed to providing current research and statistics, training opportunities and a forum to communicate with the government, community organizations and the general public on matters related to juvenile justice.
  •  Ohio Association of Child Caring Agencies (OACCA) – – OACCA is a policy organization that advocates on behalf of children and also provides education and training.
  • Ohio Correctional Institution Inspection Committee (CIIC)–– CIIC is a statewide legislative body that conducts inspections of DYS and DRC facilities.  CIIC issues reports on these inspections along with other research.
  • Ohio Department of Corrections (DRC) – Ohio’s statewide adult criminal justice agency.  DRC houses youth who are bound over – or transferred – to the adult criminal justice system before turning 18.
  • Ohio Department of Youth Services (DYS) –– Ohio’s statewide juvenile justice agency.  DYS runs Ohio’s juvenile correctional facilities, maintains statistics on Ohio’s juvenile justice system, and issues monthly and annual reports on juvenile justice issues.
  • Ohio Legislature – – Ohio’s legislative body that considers laws and votes on laws, including laws affecting youth.
  • Ohio Legislative Service Commission(OLSC) – OLSC is a non-partisan agency that assists legislators with writing bills.  LSC also creates legislative summaries for bills that are pending or that have passed the legislature.
  • Ohio Office of the Public Defender (OPD) – – A state agency that represents both youth and adults on appeals, including youth who have been bound over to adult court.  OPD also provides legal assistance to youth in DYS facilities.


Ohio Resources Located in Northeast Ohio

  • ACLU of Ohio – – Located in Cleveland, the ACLU of Ohio advances juvenile justice and other civil liberty issues through education, litigation, and lobbying.
  • Shubert Center for Child – The Schubert Center for Child Studies at Case Western Reserve University bridges research, practice, policy, and education for the well-being of children and adolescents.