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Education and training juvenile justice Cleveland

Just Us Together (JUT) offers the finest education and training opportunities brought to you by some of the most skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced educators in Northeast Ohio and beyond.  Go to Course Calendar > (coming soon).  Here are the types of education we provide:

Clinical Opportunities (Coming soon).  JUT offers clinical internship opportunities for students and practitioners alike to advance practical skills relating to juvenile justice.  We offer interns the opportunity to gain hands-on experience alongside knowledgable and experienced juvenile justice professionals.   We take a holistic approach to advancing juvenile justice matters, which means our clinic offers opportunities for legal professionals, social workers, police officers, researchers, educators, policy professionals, and others who have an interest in juvenile justice.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Training.  Just Us Together offers beginning and advanced mediation training, and courses in other communication and dispute resolution techniques including restorative justice practices.  Even experienced ADR professionals will benefit by learning new techniques and approaches, and the finer points of various areas of mediation and restorative practices.  Go to Course Calendar >

The Ohio Supreme Court’s Rule 16 requires a mediator to have participated in at least 16 hours of mediation training before it will refer cases to you, plus additional training depending upon the type of mediation matter.  Just Us Together offers courses that satisfy the Ohio Supreme Court’s basic and advanced training requirements.

JUT offers training and education in a variety of specialized mediation and ADR areas too.  Those include restorative justice, divorce mediation, elder-care/family mediation, landlord-tenant mediation, and neighborhood conflict resolution.  JUT also offers mediation training specific to different types of business matters from employee disputes to commercial transactions.  See the upcoming mediation training schedule (Coming Soon).

Community Skill Building Courses.  Various skill-building workshops and courses are offered by Just Us Together and open to all community members.  These courses are designed to enhance various practical communication and civic engagement skills and to be immediately useful to your personal and professional life.  JUT work-shops can be provided on-site for your business or organization.  See upcoming courses here (Coming Soon) or Contact us at 1-800- 625-1664 to discuss bringing a skills workshop to you in Northeast Ohio.