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Custody Mediation

Divorce mediation services for persons located in Cleveland, Euclid, Beachwood, Chagrin Falls, Willougbhy, Mentor, Painesville, Chardon, Madison, Ashtabula and other areas of Northeast Ohio

Custody Mediation is a particularly good alternative for divorce cases involving children in Northeast Ohio.   Due to the sensitive and complex nature of family situations, custody mediation provides a confidential approach to ending a marriage or legally separating.  The mediation process allows couples to make their own decisions regarding how to divide marital property and debts, and how to resolve child custody and parenting decisions.   Plus, your specific financial details need not be made part of a public Ohio court record. While the ending of a marriage is very stressful to children, mediation allows parents to minimize that pain by creating agreements that work best for them and their children, and by keeping the children out of a legal battle.

Custody mediation is confidential.  What you discuss and decide regarding marital property and debts, and child issues throughout the mediation process is confidential.  Our mediators know what issues the court requires addressed in a marital Separation Agreement (SA) that is required to be filed for ending a divorce. All the decisions that the couple makes will go into the SA that will be attached to the final documents submitted to the court.  However, so long as both parties have made full disclosure of all marital assets, for the most part only the details that are useful to the parties need to be included.  Further, a divorce mediator cannot be called into court to testify in a divorce case.

Divorce Attorney review. While most people come to mediation with the hope of avoiding divorce attorney involvement all together, this is not always possible, nor is it always a good idea.  Some courts require each party to have an independent attorney review the agreements.  Since it is not the mediator’s role to give legal advice, a quick review by an attorney is a good way to make sure that your interests are represented and to help assure the legal enforceability of your agreements.  Attorney fees tend to only get expensive when parties are disagreeing and going into court over family law matters.

Our Family Mediation Services Include:

      • Dissolution & Divorce Mediation with children
      • Child Custody and Parenting Mediation
      • Spousal Support & Child Support Mediation
      • Parent & Teen Mediation
      • Pre-nuputal & Post-nuptual Agreement Mediation


We provided mediation for all families including all nationalities & cultures, as well as expert mediation for same-sex couples.   We offer services in Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, and Ashtabula counties in Ohio.

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