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Community Mediation

Have you have reached a stand still regarding a problem with a neighbor? Are you having a communication breakdown with your teenager or other family member?  Our Community Mediation program can help you rebuild a postitive and productive relationship.

We offer mediation to neighbors, couples, friends, relations, business colleagues, landlords/tenants, would-be litigants, and anyone else in Northeast Ohio to whom we may be of use.


All parties must be agreeable to come in for an initial free consultation, during which time the mediation process and fees (which are shared by the parties) are explained.  Then, we find a time when all parties can be at a mediation session for an 1.5 hour block.  We don’t have a set schedule–our mediators are flexible, so sessions happen based on the schedule of the people in conflict.  Evening and weekend community mediation hours are available too.

  • Before your mediation session, we send each of you more information about our services, what to expect from mediation, and tips to make it go smoothly.
  • Our job is not to impose solutions, provide information, or offer advice. Rather, we facilitate communication between the parties, help explore options for resolution, and help you craft an agreement that is workable, practical, and (most importantly) acceptable to all parties.

Our mediation is designed to be affordable whether it is for individuals or organizations.  Find out more by calling (800) 625-1664.  We serve folks in Northeast Ohio including Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, and Ashtabula counties.